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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Discount Beads

Discount Beads, at 4266 S. Durango Blvd. Ste. GHJ,  is  the largest bead store in Nevada.   It is over 6,000 square feet stocked with an extensive  inventory of semi-precious beads,  over 1,000 sizes and styles of Swarovski crystals,  (best prices in town too!) coral, shells, pearls, seed, and wood beads.  They also offer cabochons,  geodes, druzys.

Ernie Staley and Dave Cray opened Discount Beads in 2004.  They have been friends for over 40 years. Both   Ernie and Dave worked for Sears Roebuck and  it  just so happened, they retired at the same time.  Thing was, Ernie and Dave were not ready to just stay at home and watch re-runs of TV sitcoms. 
Instead, they opened up their own shops at the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet on Decatur Blvd.  Ernie specialized in sea shells, corals and crafts from the Philippines.  Dave’s passion was  rocks and minerals.  They had adjoining  booths so they appeared to have one large shop. 

In 2004, after much convincing from Dave,   Ernie  and Dave joined together  to open  Discount Beads. Back then,   the store was approximately 2000 square feet.  Dave and Ernie worked 7 days a week and did just about everything.  Dave did the buying for the store.  He traveled every year to Tucson, Quartzite,  Denver, Los Angeles and Houston to purchase inventory for the store.  It was like Christmas every time a shipment arrived from one of his suppliers.  Dave negotiated some incredible deals and the savings were always passed on to customers.  Ernie worked in sales and the front end of the store.

Strands of stones,  beads,  crystals hang from hooks on slot walls. The semi-precious beads are arranged alphabetically.   Once when I was there shopping,  I asked Ida, what was Skoj?   She jokingly said, “Some Kind of Jasper”.  I guess I’m not the only one who forgets what kind of stones  I buy.  LOL.  Seed, bugle beads on other walls, and glass,  crystals on another.  The store is organized and very easy to shop.  

Discount Beads also carry a huge assortment of supplies for jewelry making.  Tools,  findings, needles, wire, thread, chain, leather and more.  There is a 99 cents bargain bin for small quantities of beads, findings, etc.  You never know what you might find.  And there is the loose bead tables where you can pick and choose decorative beads.  Everything you can stuff in a small or large bag at set prices. 

Jewelry making classes are free of charge.  The only requirement is that you purchase the materials for the class from the store.  Bring your own tools if you have them.   At  the front of the store,  a display case houses the  jewelry  projects to be taught in the different classes.   Skill levels are from beginner to advanced.  You get to meet some  really nice people while taking a class.
Organized clubs or groups get a discount if you show them your membership card.  Volume discounts are available as well.  Ernie, Dave and the rest of their sales staff pride themselves in customer service and  their Yelp ratings don’t lie.  

Store hours are Monday through Saturday 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.  Serious damage could be done here.  Lots of eye candy!



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