Sunday, June 18, 2017


This is the definition from the Urban Dictionary:

To sell or trade your existing crafting supplies or 'stash' to allow a crafter to buy different, often newer, materials.

I'm done with knitting, so want to destash my yarn to make way for my new hobby, sewing.

I'm tired of my bead collection. I'm going to destash them on Etsy so that I can buy some new ones.

Crafters could be called hoarders in training.  Or maybe hunters and gatherers?  We all love to play with colors and textures whether it be yarn, fabric, paper, beads, glass, or other craft items.  Who can resist a JoAnn’s or Michael’s sale?   And we all like to try new things, right?
Our eyes glaze over at the thought of new craft supplies.  I am guilty of looking at my bead
or fabric stash, getting lost in their patterns, colors, shapes and textures, and then not making a darn thing!   Over the years, and many crafts later – some with good results, some with not so good results, we end up with closets, tubs, and storage cabinets full of stuff! 

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