Monday, August 24, 2020

Rescued, Repurposed, Re-Imagined West Las Vegas Library Gallery Exhibition

We are honored to be asked again by Las Vegas Library District gallery curators, Darren Johnson and Bee Aspinall to be part of a gallery exhibition at the West Las Vegas Library art gallery.

This is the 3rd time that we will be showing our members work in a galllery setting.  The title of this exhibition is "Rescued, Repurposed, Re-Imagined".  Contributors were asked to try to rescue items/objects and fashion them into a new creation.  

We got some very fun and creative submissions.  Take a look.



Upcycled Denim Shirt with Embroidered Asian Crane Design On Back by Judy Osness


  Gallery Sign In Table                               Upcycled Denim Shirt with                      Velvet Vest with
                                                                    Asian Crane Design Embroidered            Vintage Crochet
                                                                    On Back by Judy Osness                           Doilies by 
                                                                                                                                      Gerry Hackney




Old Skeleton Key Transformed              Upcycled Ladies Scarf from            Handmade Teddy Bear 
into Necklace by Gerry Hackney           Mother's Skirt by Cathie Godges     Breaking Out of Fabric Box
Glass Ornament with Origami                                                                         by Mary Ann Racheau
Bird by Sharon Takahashi




Ladies Scarf Upcycled from                     Crystal and Wire Wrapped               Handmade Teddy Bears
Mothers Pants                                            Bird  Shaped Sun Catcher                 From Aunt's Fur Coats
by Cathy Godges                                       by Kristin Petronek                          by Mary Ann Racheau




Teddy Bear with Mask                           Upcycled Ladies Scarf from                Repurposed Handmade 
by Mary Ann Racheau                           Mother's Pants by Cathie Godges        Brooch into Necklace by
                                                               Upcycled Makeup Pouch from            Kristen Petronek
                                                               Japanese Obi Belt by 
                                                               Gerry Hackney




Upcycled Bar Coasters To
Note Pads and Upcycled Men's
Tie to Pen Pouch by Cathie Godges 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Welcome 2020 Members!

 After our fall hiatus,  our meetings  end in September and  we have a Holiday party in October, we are back to monthly meetings.  Meetings are held January to May.  Summer hiatus is June -July.  Meetings resume August and September.

We welcomed two new members in January, Nedal Kalbi - Yarn Slut and Tracy Jones, Sign Doodles.  In February, Erin Orozco and her mom, Debra Chase of Country Bonnet Soaps joined the LVCG Guild.  

We are excited to have them as part of our group.  Our creative family also includes:

All Occasion Wreaths - Nancy Kucichn
Cinsiri Glassworks - Cindi Clark
Crafty Girl - Beth Pollock

Devine Designs by Debbie - Debbie Williams
Embroidery by Judy - Judy Osness
High Style Boutique - Cathie Godges

K & S Collage - Kristin Petronek and Dana Russell
Little Me - Merriam Olds
Lynn Meetz

Lucylyn Designs, LLC & Oleander Moon - Diane Davis Garcia
North Shore Collection - Gerry Hackney
Pearlized Designs - Denita Rowland Whitehead

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Holiday Party 2019 Carraba's Italian Grill

We always end our year with a Holiday Party in October.  Many of us are busy during the fall with different craft shows, parties, and events.  October is the perfect time to celebrate another year of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild.

Merriam Olds, Debbie Williams and Beth Pollock took charge of the party that was held at Carraba's Italian Grill on Charleston.  There were great salad and entree choices and the servings were very generous.  The staff provided a private dining room that was decorated for the upcoming Christmas season.

We had a gift exchange and celebrated some birthdays.  Such a lovely way to bid farewell to another fun year.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Fall 2019 Harvest Boutique Craft Show

Our fall craft show was held on October 11th and 12th.  With so many craft shows as it gets closer to the holidays, October turned out to be a pretty good show for  us.

We love doing the shows and we love how our members showcase their handmade items.   Just need to share and show off some of our talented artisans and what they create.

Our First Craft Show of 2020!