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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Holy Crafts! An Exhibition by Members of The Las Vegas Crafters Guild - Summerlin Library Art Gallery

We are so fortunate to be invited once again by Darren Johnson, Curator  and Bee Aspinall, Gallery Coordinator to show our works at the Summerlin Library Art Gallery.  Our exhibition opened on June 14th and will be on display until August 26th. 
Crafts as a whole are not considered "fine art" but a creative process is still involved.  Crafters are artists seen through a different lens.  Our art is more utilitarian and may not withstand the test of time as great masterpieces.  Nonetheless, thought, skill, design and technique are incorporated of our finished pieces.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 Spring Boutique Craft Show Pictures

 Denita Whitehead and Teri Felts
Baby Boy Wreath
K & S Collage
Hand Puppets by Puppet Cottage - Teri Felts
Knitted Bag - Little Mi
Merriam Olds
Merriam Olds and Beth Pollock at
Central Checkout
Hand Knitted Scarves and Cap by
Uneekcaps - Maria Moya
Music Box with
Detachable Flower Brooch
High Style Boutique- Cathie Godges

Marilyn Goo and Cathie Godges
Cindi Clark - CinSiri Glassworks
Lynn Meetz 

Kristin Petronek and Sharon Takahashi
Evan Hyde - Former Member and Friend with
Megan Mayes - Jig Organics
Handmade Organic Soap
Jig Organics - Cari & Megan Mayes

Customers Waiting in The Man Cave

Fused Glass Plate
CinSiri Glassworks- Cindi Clark
 Cindi Clark - CinSiri Glassworkds
Vegas Golden Knights Zip Pouches
Purses by Linda - Linda Clark

Stitch Divine - Teri Felts
Handmade Necklace-Lyn Meetz
We had to eat

Wood and Vinyl Signs
Pearlized Designs - Denita Whitehead

Handmade Card Set
Craty Girl - Beth Pollock
Hand Embroidered Card
Crafty Girl - Beth Pollock
Maria Moya
Fabric Bag - North Shore Collection
Gerry Hackney
Dana Russell Writing Up a Purchase

Our next show will be in November.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Rockin Raku and Wine Party - Clay Arts Vegas

On Saturday, February 24th, members of the Las Vegas Crafters Guild got together  at Clay Arts Vegas at 1511 S. Main Street for a Raku glazing and firing party. 

Lynn Meetz put together the gathering for us.  It was a private party for Guild members and invited guests.  The cost was $18.00 per person.

We made our selection of vases and bowls that were already pre-fired.  At the glazing table, Peter explained the different glazes provided sample clay chips of what the finished piece would resemble but with raku thereare lots of variations with the finished piece.    Instructions were given on glazing and the firing process. 

Here's a link to  Merriam-Webster's definition of raku:

After glazing our pieces, into the kiln they went.  While they were being fired, we enjoyed wine, sandwiches, Chinese chicken salad, cookies, cheese and crackers. 

Tim did a demonstration on throwing clay on the potter's wheel.

We also worked on making animals using air dried clay with Brandy.
A bit more challenging than just glazing a pot.  The results were from pretty ugly to pretty amazing. 

It was so exciting when the pots came out of the kiln.   They were covered with a mixture of sawdust and paper. 

Once they cooled off and were washed, it was time for the  big reveal. We did not know what to expect but the results were lovely.

What a great experience!  Several of us are thinking of doing it again.  They have a raku party every month, the second Saturday.  

Here's the link to the shop:

Monday, January 1, 2018

Our 2018 Resolutions - Some Crafting, Some Not



Gerry – Use up all my fabric, beads, cardstock, ribbon before I buy more (unless Joann’s has a super duper sale).  Let Linda Hurley Clark see the inside of my garage, put more things in my Etsy store.

Sharon – Organize craft supplies and destash.

Debbie – Start crafting something, organize my craft supplies and do not buy anymore until I use what I have!

Beth – Organize craft supplies, finish started projects, use what I have before buying more.

Nedal – Lose weight, do more yoga and meditation, do not buy yarn.

Linda – Organize my fabric, use up fabric, then buy more.  Relax.

Coleen – Make more money, budget, see family more.

Terry – I resolve not to resolve.  I need to be more flexible.

Lynn – Make more clay art.

Cindi – Use up all my glass!  Make more stuff!

Maria – Be kinder, gentler.  Stop fighting myself.

Merriam – Patience.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Our 2017 Christmas Wishes. . . . .


Our 2017 Christmas Wishes

Gerry – Good health for all, a safe and joyful holiday, and no re-gifts!
Sharon – Health, wealth, and safety for all.  Special times with family and friends.

Debbie – More time with my husband, health and happiness, and to continue to be among the Guild.

Beth – Health and happiness, and  safe and happy holidays for all.
Nedal – Health for me, family and friends, see people smile more, and love each other for God’s sake.

Coleen – Health for all and peace throughout the world.
Terry – More time to live, love and laugh.

Teri – Health and safety for all and more sharing of love and understanding.
Megan – Time with family, warmth and love.

Lynn – Hit the lottery and retire.  A white Christmas in Wisconsin.
Kristin – Health, happiness and a peaceful, stress free year. (Amen!)

Cindi – I have everything I need – NO WISHES.
Maria – My Beshert, my twin self.

Merriam – More smiles and real hugs. 


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Another Successful Harvest Boutique Craft Show 2017

Harvest Boutique and Craft Show November 17 & 18, 2017

What a great show!   The winds were blowing on Friday but Saturday was a gorgeous day!  More like late spring weather than early fall.   Warm, sunny shirt sleeve weather.  Just wanted to share these pictures.   Oops - sorry about some of the pics being sideways and I did miss taking pictures of everyone's booths. 

Our next show will be in April 2018.  Stay tuned. 




Holy Crafts! An Exhibition by Members of The Las Vegas Crafters Guild - Summerlin Library Art Gallery

  We are so fortunate to be invited once again by Darren Johnson, Curator  and Bee Aspinall, Gallery Coordinator to show our works a...