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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Vegas National Fabric Show

When the International Textile Show, ITE decided to no longer have a trade show in Las Vegas,  Alan Zinck asked Nancy Riniger, one of his executives to check into venues to hold a fabric similar type of show.   Alan Zinck, owner of Zincks of Berlin, a fabric wholesaler and outlet in Berlin, Ohio and other fabric jobbers still felt a need for a fabric and trim show in Las Vegas.  Nancy checked several hotel properties and the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and its sister property, The Orleans Hotel and Casino were selected for the venues.

Through Nancy’s efforts, The Vegas National Fabric Show, VNFS held its first show in March 2016.   This show is held twice a year, March and August.  The March show is held at the Gold Coast Hotel and the August show at The Orleans.  Both are easily accessible, have free parking and exhibitors and attendees avoid the congestion of being on the Strip. 
Vendors come from different parts of the country.  New York, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Missouri, and Ohio are all represented. 
There is a wide variety of products shown.  Fabrics run the gamut.  Imported mud cloths from Ghana, African tribal fabrics, woven textiles from India, tanned leather, gorgeous home decorator fabrics for drapes, upholstery, and pillows, indoor outdoor treated fabric and more.  Brands like Michael Miller, Waverly, Robert Allan were shown.  Apparel fabric included denims, velvets, cottons, knits, flannels, voile, gauze and blends.  Fabrics for crafting were also displayed – minky fabric, burlap, and quilting fabric.  Buttons, laces, fringe trim, appliques, tassels, gimp trim and the list goes on.   Although it is a smaller show, the fabrics and products displayed were overwhelming.   

People that attend this show are mainly independent fabric, quilt shop, craft store owners.   There are several vendors that have minimum order requirements and others who only require that you purchase a full bolt of fabric or a whole spool of ribbon.
The  2018  March show will still be held in Las Vegas but Nancy and the new owner of Zinck’s, Nick Shrock  are considering moving the summer/fall show to a venue east of the Mississippi. 

Las Vegas Crafters Guild members Diane Garcia, Linda Clark, Gerry Hackney attended the March show and Linda, Gerry and  Nedal Mohammed Al-Kalbi attended the August show.  Our eyes were as big as saucers. Needless to say, we  put a, ahem,  slight dent in our bank accounts. 
The 2018 show will be held on Monday, March 12th and Tuesday, March 13th at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

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