Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Holy Crafts! An Exhibition by Members of The Las Vegas Crafters Guild - Summerlin Library Art Gallery

Fused Glass Decorative Plate
Cindi Clark

Quilted Wall Hanging
Mary Ann Racheau

Knitted Accessories
Merriam Olds

We are so fortunate to be invited once again by Darren Johnson, Curator  and Bee Aspinall, Gallery Coordinator to show our works at the Summerlin Library Art Gallery.  Our exhibition opened on June 14th and will be on display until August 26th. 

Quilted Wall Hanging
Mary Ann Racheau

Soft Sculpture Clown Doll
Mary Ann Racheau

Paper and Beaded Crafts
Beth Pollock


Atrtisan Jewelry & Charms
K & S Collage 

Articulated Handmade Teddy Bears
Mary Ann Racheau

 Fringed Tasseled Boho Ladies Bag
Gerry Hackney

Crafts as a whole are not considered "fine art" but a creative process is still involved.  Crafters are artists seen through a different lens.  Our art is more utilitarian and may not withstand the test of time as great masterpieces.  Nonetheless, thought, skill, design and technique are incorporated of our finished pieces.

Welcome 2020 Members!

  After our fall hiatus,  our meetings  end in September and  we have a Holiday party in October, we are back to monthly meetings.  Meetings...