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Monday, September 11, 2017

Domsky Glass Studio by Cari Mayes

We had a mesmerizing experience on Friday, September 1st at the Domsky Glass open house. This couple has been working side by side for almost 30 years creating magical works in glass through the techniques of glass blowing and fusion.

Thanks to Larry and Barbara Domsky for such an enlightening event!


Monday, August 28, 2017

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree by Gerry Hackney

So many crafts, so little time.  I am a craftaholic.  I inherited the crafting gene from my sweet mother.  Mom was always making something – she crocheted very intricate doilies, sewed quilts and bedspreads, and yes, she even crocheted those beer can hats.  On the weekends, the neighborhood ladies would come over to our house visit, drink coffee, and have crafting sessions.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Vegas National Fabric Show

When the International Textile Show, ITE decided to no longer have a trade show in Las Vegas,  Alan Zinck asked Nancy Riniger, one of his executives to check into venues to hold a fabric similar type of show.   Alan Zinck, owner of Zincks of Berlin, a fabric wholesaler and outlet in Berlin, Ohio and other fabric jobbers still felt a need for a fabric and trim show in Las Vegas.  Nancy checked several hotel properties and the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino and its sister property, The Orleans Hotel and Casino were selected for the venues.

Through Nancy’s efforts, The Vegas National Fabric Show, VNFS held its first show in March 2016.   This show is held twice a year, March and August.  The March show is held at the Gold Coast Hotel and the August show at The Orleans.  Both are easily accessible, have free parking and exhibitors and attendees avoid the congestion of being on the Strip. 
Vendors come from different parts of the country.  New York, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Missouri, and Ohio are all represented. 
There is a wide variety of products shown.  Fabrics run the gamut.  Imported mud cloths from Ghana, African tribal fabrics, woven textiles from India, tanned leather, gorgeous home decorator fabrics for drapes, upholstery, and pillows, indoor outdoor treated fabric and more.  Brands like Michael Miller, Waverly, Robert Allan were shown.  Apparel fabric included denims, velvets, cottons, knits, flannels, voile, gauze and blends.  Fabrics for crafting were also displayed – minky fabric, burlap, and quilting fabric.  Buttons, laces, fringe trim, appliques, tassels, gimp trim and the list goes on.   Although it is a smaller show, the fabrics and products displayed were overwhelming.   

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Discount Beads

Discount Beads, at 4266 S. Durango Blvd. Ste. GHJ,  is  the largest bead store in Nevada.   It is over 6,000 square feet stocked with an extensive  inventory of semi-precious beads,  over 1,000 sizes and styles of Swarovski crystals,  (best prices in town too!) coral, shells, pearls, seed, and wood beads.  They also offer cabochons,  geodes, druzys.

Ernie Staley and Dave Cray opened Discount Beads in 2004.  They have been friends for over 40 years. Both   Ernie and Dave worked for Sears Roebuck and  it  just so happened, they retired at the same time.  Thing was, Ernie and Dave were not ready to just stay at home and watch re-runs of TV sitcoms. 
Instead, they opened up their own shops at the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet on Decatur Blvd.  Ernie specialized in sea shells, corals and crafts from the Philippines.  Dave’s passion was  rocks and minerals.  They had adjoining  booths so they appeared to have one large shop. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

A Brand New Logo

Over the years there has been  discussions about creating a new logo for the guild.  

About 4 years ago, it was changed from the print of 4  hands to a stylized version of the Las Vegas skyline. This year, members decided it was time to make another change.  A contest was held and original designs were submitted for voting. 

Sharon Takahashi, membership/jury coordinator and Merriam Olds, secretary were the administrators for the contest.   

A total of 9 designs were submitted to Sharon and Merriam.  As they were received, each one was numbered and mounted on colored paper.  They in turn e-mailed them to members for voting on line and also displayed them at the June meeting.   The name of the person(s) who sent in a logo was kept secret.
When all the votes were tallied, the logo submitted by Teri Smith, Kristin Petronek’s sister, won the competition. Kristin is another one of  our membership/jury coordinators. Teri’s design included a tapesty in the shape of the State of Nevada, a threaded sewing needle embroidering “The Las Vegas Crafters Guild” on to the tapestry, a spool of thread and a pair of scissors. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

In The Beginning by Terry Dana Donhoff

As a young girl, I learned quickly that I didn’t always have the money in my piggy bank to buy something new or sparkly. Where is a 14-year old going to wear a crystal necklace in Southern California you ask? I ultimately solved that child’s dilemma by moving to Las Vegas (as an adult). No questions asked!
We didn’t have dollar stores when I was young, so I would go with mother to what she called “her department stores” (Salvation Army/Goodwill). I couldn’t just wear a Goodwill item “off the rack” though. I would have to modify it so no one walking down the street would recognize it as their throw away. Believe me, you get pretty creative with dime store clearance items.
A girl friend taught me how to knit so I could make a pair or argyle socks for my
boyfriend. Three needles, really? I guess it took me too long to finish as I lost interest in the boyfriend and the socks simultaneously.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Mr. Wilson's Pound Cake

Here’s the backstory about the cake I baked for our July birthday girls, Terry Dana Danhoff and Teri Felts.
As the holidays were approaching, my father-in-law, Wilson would ask Mike and me, “What would you like for Christmas?.  In unison, we would say pound cake! 

Wilson made a southern pound cake that was perfect by itself.  With the addition of vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries or peaches, it was heaven on earth. 

The pound cake would arrive via the US mail in vintage tins or cake takers, sometimes a bit crumbled but always appreciated.  Whether we were in Hawaii or Nevada, we so looked forward to getting the cake in the mail.  Wilson is gone now but his recipe is very special. Making it reminds me of him and the pride he took in baking the cake for the people he loved. 
His employees called him Mr. Wilson when he worked at Lance in Charlotte, N.C. as the cafeteria manager for many years.  In his memory and honor, I call the recipe Mr. Wilson’s Pound Cake. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017


This is the definition from the Urban Dictionary:

To sell or trade your existing crafting supplies or 'stash' to allow a crafter to buy different, often newer, materials.

I'm done with knitting, so want to destash my yarn to make way for my new hobby, sewing.

I'm tired of my bead collection. I'm going to destash them on Etsy so that I can buy some new ones.

Crafters could be called hoarders in training.  Or maybe hunters and gatherers?  We all love to play with colors and textures whether it be yarn, fabric, paper, beads, glass, or other craft items.  Who can resist a JoAnn’s or Michael’s sale?   And we all like to try new things, right?
Our eyes glaze over at the thought of new craft supplies.  I am guilty of looking at my bead
or fabric stash, getting lost in their patterns, colors, shapes and textures, and then not making a darn thing!   Over the years, and many crafts later – some with good results, some with not so good results, we end up with closets, tubs, and storage cabinets full of stuff! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

April 2017 Craft Challenge

When the Las Vegas Crafters' Guild first started craft challenges back in 2006, they were held about every other month.  It was a fun thing!  These challenges forced us think outside the box. They required us to utilize different unfamiliar or unusual items such as Easter grass or craft supplies that we had never worked with before. 
At our monthly meeting, members were given the name of the item to be used in their creation. The completed piece was submitted at the next month’s meeting for judging. The winning artist  received a gift card from Michael’s Craft Store for $20.00. Just what we need right?  More craft supplies!

Fast forward to 2017.  Debbie Williams, Vice President suggested that we start craft challenges again.  For this challenge, scrapbook paper, feathers, beads, jewelry charms, acorns, bullet casings, ribbon, cigar boxes, empty toilet paper rolls and everything but the kitchen sink were assembled, put into plain brown paper bags and sealed.  

Domsky Glass Studio by Cari Mayes

We had a mesmerizing experience on Friday, September 1st at the Domsky Glass open house. This couple has been working side by side for a...