Saturday, August 18, 2018

American Sewing Guild Conference 2018

We were fortunate to be asked to participate in the American Sewing Guild Conference that was held at the Westgate Hotel and Casino on July 12th through the 15th.  Mary Ann Racheau, one of our newest guild members and who is also a member of the ASG suggested our Guild to the Marie Trevino, President of the ASG to be an exhibitor in the conference.

What a great experience it was!  So many notions, buttons, patterns, fabrics, and machines to look at.  It made our eyes glass over.   



Besides all the sewing related mechandise, there were different classes in making apparel, bags, batik, and more.  Mary Ann taught 4 classes during the conference.











The last time the conference was held in Las Vegas was in 2009, so it was a treat to be able to be a part of this one. Here are some of the pictures from the conference.









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