Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thankful - Las Vegas Crafters Guild 2017 Gratitude List

We asked our members to list what they are thankful for and here's what
they said:

Lynn - My son Cameron, my BFF, and only 3 years to retirement
Megan - Family, coffee and naps (haha)
Cindi - My health, friends that are SO Awesome! Family and the ability
            to create beautiful things.

Merriam - Grateful for Medicare,
                 blessings of friends, and
                 good genes.
Beth - Family and friends, a job to
           afford my crafting project

Kristin - Family and friends, crafts and my job.
Nedal - My family safe and healthy, having friends like you, and a job and school.
Sharon - Waking up every morning, and all my wonderful angels supporting me.

Terry- I count my blessing every day.  Life is good!
Teri - Family and friends, love of crafting, and blessings in abundance.

Coleen - Amazing family and amazing friends.
Linda - I'm thankful that I get to create lovely things out of fabric and people like them and purchase them!

Debbie - A wonderful husband, family and friends, and my special crafting family.
Maria - My family, my good life and my creativity.

Gerry - Thankful that JoAnn's is not close to my house and for family and friends.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

East Coast Fabric Shopping

This is a very long overdue post.  When we went to North Carolina in September to visit family, I planned on visiting one of the vendors that I met at the Vegas Fabric Show held August at the Orleans.

John Maiwandi, representative for S & R Sales was at the Vegas Fabric Show with beautiful home decor fabrics on display.  We got to talking, he gave me his card and I noticed that they were located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

I asked if his shop was on the way to Braswell, Georgia (a scheduled business trip for hubby).  John said yes, just take exit such and such and take two turns and it's right there.  Told him I'd call him when we were on the way to Georgia.  OMG, it was more than overwhelming.

I quickly looked at several bolts and made selections.  Loaded up the car and off we went. We were on a "schedule" and needed to be in Braswell by a certain time. They were so helpful and pulled bolts out for me to look at in my hurried power shopping. 

Welcome 2020 Members!

  After our fall hiatus,  our meetings  end in September and  we have a Holiday party in October, we are back to monthly meetings.  Meetings...