Monday, July 24, 2017

A Brand New Logo

Over the years there has been  discussions about creating a new logo for the guild.  

About 4 years ago, it was changed from the print of 4  hands to a stylized version of the Las Vegas skyline. This year, members decided it was time to make another change.  A contest was held and original designs were submitted for voting. 

Sharon Takahashi, membership/jury coordinator and Merriam Olds, secretary were the administrators for the contest.   

A total of 9 designs were submitted to Sharon and Merriam.  As they were received, each one was numbered and mounted on colored paper.  They in turn e-mailed them to members for voting on line and also displayed them at the June meeting.   The name of the person(s) who sent in a logo was kept secret.
When all the votes were tallied, the logo submitted by Teri Smith, Kristin Petronek’s sister, won the competition. Kristin is another one of  our membership/jury coordinators. Teri’s design included a tapesty in the shape of the State of Nevada, a threaded sewing needle embroidering “The Las Vegas Crafters Guild” on to the tapestry, a spool of thread and a pair of scissors. 

Teri resides in Montana.  She has been painting and drawing since high school.  She was employed as a guard at the Montana State Prison but now works at a casino.
Kristin gave her ideas for the logo, the State of Nevada shape, the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, the sun and other symbols iconic to Nevada and crafting.    She submitted other logos for consideration, but this one garnered the most votes.

Teri also designed Sharon and Kristin’s current logo, K & S Collage.  She is in the process of designing a business card for them. 
A big thank you to Teri for her creative design of our new logo.  And thank you to Kristin for your suggestions and volunteering Teri’s time and hard work for our new logo.

Bravo Ladies!
Here's the other entries submitted

Thank you all for your submittals!

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