Sunday, July 16, 2017

In The Beginning by Terry Dana Donhoff

As a young girl, I learned quickly that I didn’t always have the money in my piggy bank to buy something new or sparkly. Where is a 14-year old going to wear a crystal necklace in Southern California you ask? I ultimately solved that child’s dilemma by moving to Las Vegas (as an adult). No questions asked!
We didn’t have dollar stores when I was young, so I would go with mother to what she called “her department stores” (Salvation Army/Goodwill). I couldn’t just wear a Goodwill item “off the rack” though. I would have to modify it so no one walking down the street would recognize it as their throw away. Believe me, you get pretty creative with dime store clearance items.
A girl friend taught me how to knit so I could make a pair or argyle socks for my
boyfriend. Three needles, really? I guess it took me too long to finish as I lost interest in the boyfriend and the socks simultaneously.

I have continued to create throughout my life. Some things out of necessity; but mostly because it brings me joy and satisfaction. I call it my therapy. I’ve tried different media with varying success. But, it’s always a personal challenge I relish.
By the way, at my 50th high school reunion I learned the friend who taught me to knit married the dumped boyfriend. Karmic justice?
Terry Dana Donhoff
October 2016 Booth at LVCG Craft Show

Silver Plated Wire with Swarovski Crystals

Polymer Clay Disc Earring and Necklace Sets
Business Card Holder

You may reach Terry @

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