Thursday, November 22, 2018

2018 Thankful For . . . .

During our Holiday Boutique Craft Show,  we passed around sheets of paper to members find out what they are grateful for.  Here's  what they said:

Sarah Adams

Caring parents, a safe neighborhood & all the happiness the Golden Knights have brought to my life

Susan Tracy

Good friends, good health, cool weather, and my children.

Kristin Petronek 

My family & friends!

 Sharon Takahashi
Waking up to another day every morning! And all my angels around me

Maria Moya

1. That I know who I am when I wake up each morning

2. That I live by my values.

Teri Felts

Thankful for my wonderful family

Lynn Meetz

For my BFF who sits with me at Chemo

Merriam Olds

Each day

Cindi Clark

I am thankful to wake up every morning

Denita Whitehead

I am thankful for my faith and my family!

Gerry Hackney

My husband - he doesn't know how much stuff I have! or he just pretends

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