Tuesday, May 30, 2017

April 2017 Craft Challenge

When the Las Vegas Crafters' Guild first started craft challenges back in 2006, they were held about every other month.  It was a fun thing!  These challenges forced us think outside the box. They required us to utilize different unfamiliar or unusual items such as Easter grass or craft supplies that we had never worked with before. 
At our monthly meeting, members were given the name of the item to be used in their creation. The completed piece was submitted at the next month’s meeting for judging. The winning artist  received a gift card from Michael’s Craft Store for $20.00. Just what we need right?  More craft supplies!

Fast forward to 2017.  Debbie Williams, Vice President suggested that we start craft challenges again.  For this challenge, scrapbook paper, feathers, beads, jewelry charms, acorns, bullet casings, ribbon, cigar boxes, empty toilet paper rolls and everything but the kitchen sink were assembled, put into plain brown paper bags and sealed.  

Members were given a filled paper bag  at our March meeting.  The rule was to use at least 5 things found in the paper bag in the making of the completed creation.

It was amazing to see what everyone came up with at our April meeting.  The majority of the creations utilized the cigar boxes as the foundation for their pieces. Another used canvas, fabric, tulle, buttons or paper.
The finished pieces were set on a table for judging.  Names were not revealed. Below are some of the the items created. 

After much discussion and a thorough examination each piece, judges Merriam Olds, Debbie Williams and Cindy Clark chose three entries as finalists.  Finalists were Gerry Hackney, Cari Mayes, and Diane Garcia.  Diane Garcia’s embroidered piece won overall. 

Diane created an embroidered and appliqued  piece on beige cotton  fabric of a turkey with pink tail feathers, silver metal cross charms, and red and gold glass beads. faux rhinestones and red glittery ribbon. Her piece was titled “Even Turkeys Need Trash and Flash”.  She was able to incorporate unrelated items into an interesting and cohesive piece.  Bravo!

Prize?  A $20.00 gift card to Michael’s of course!  Congratulations Diane for winning our April 2017 Craft Challenge!!!!

Visit Diane's Etsy shops and Facebook to see and purchase more of her unique embroidered items:



Diane's other links: 

Instagram: LucyLynDesigns
Twitter: LucyLynDesigns

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