Wednesday, July 3, 2019

More Makers of the Guild

noun: maker; plural noun: makers; noun: our Maker

  1. 1.
    a person or thing that makes or produces something.
    "a cabinetmaker"

    synonyms:creatormanufacturerbuilderconstructorproducer, fabricator, authorarchitectdesignerframeroriginatorinventorfounder
      Luiset Hoerner - Casa Kinti is a skilled painter.  She paints lovely hummingbirds and other home and            l
      landscape decor items.  Her husband cuts the wood and Luiset adds her beautiful brush strokes to the

      Dorothy's Designs - Kimmer McElroy & Lynn Carroll-Jervis own a show dog, a boxer named Dorothy.            
      Dorothy was the inspiration behind their initial creation of "Cool Coats" for dogs.  Now they has added
      quite a few pet and home accessories to their product line.

      Nancy Kucich makes beautiful deco mesh wreaths for all ocassions.  She is our newest member and does
      custom orders.

  1. Tilda Silao - Happi Hawaiian dabbles is many different mediums.  Tilda  works with glass, fabric, acrylic pours, ceramic tiles,paper and  hand makes Japanese fabric hair accessories.

    Gerry Hackney - North Shore Collection is a maker of many things.   Her husband tolerates all of the different
  2. directions crafting takes her.  Thank goodness for storage cabinets!

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