Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Meet More Artisans of 2019 The Las Vegas Crafters Guild

  1. a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.
    synonyms:craftsmancraftswomancraftsperson, skilled worker, mechanic, techichian, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman

Beth Pollock, Crafty Girl embroiders greeting cards.  She meticulously uses a needle to punch her design into cardstock then sews colorful thread into the design to create unique cards.  Beth also stamps, embosses and does origami for her cards.  She also does beadwork and yarn fiber arts.

Kristin Petronek, Sharon Takahashi, and Dana Russell are the designers of K & S Collage.
Their collection includes artisan jewelry made of chain, crystal, and beads.  Customers love their sweet angel charms.  Wire votive holders and wind chimes, decorative wreaths are part of their home decor offerings.

Mary Ann Racheau, Sew Las Vegas is a skilled sewist.  Mary Ann worked on costumes for major shows on the Las Vegas Strip. Her teddy bears and art dolls are a testament of her sewing and design knowledge.

  1. Cathie Godges joined the Guild about 1 year ago. Cathie is a self taught crocheter.  She said  she learned from YouTube.  Well, she is a quick learner.  Her designs are lovely.
  2. Music boxes, dream catchers and hair accessories are other items that she loves to make.  Her music boxes come with a detachable flower brooch and can be used as a gift box.  Very clever!   

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