Monday, December 31, 2018

Our 2019 Resolutions

Sharon  - Declutter more of what I have

Beth - Better organize my craft room and make beaded items.

Cathie - Buy more boxes to organize my yarn stash.

Denita - Simplify

Teri - Step back, re-evaluate and focus in the right direction.

Mary Ann - Do something each day to make someone happy.

Lynn - Drink more water.

Linda - Definitely take my doctor's advice to make better choices and  exercise regularly.

Cindi - Some-o-same o.  Get organized!!!!!

Judy - No to get stressed out about doing something I enjoy.  Take time to enjoy my art.

Sarah - Write 2 new fan fictions, get a job, driver's license, a car and get thru another semester of school without any student loans.

Gerry - Make more stuff, use up my supplies and go to Europe.

Dana - De-stress.

Merriam - Do the diet thing???  Visit friends out of state - after the diet!

Tilda -  May the coming year be prosperous and blessed.  Be safe this holiday season.

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