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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 Spring Boutique Craft Show Pictures

 Denita Whitehead and Teri Felts
Baby Boy Wreath
K & S Collage
Hand Puppets by Puppet Cottage - Teri Felts
Knitted Bag - Little Mi
Merriam Olds
Merriam Olds and Beth Pollock at
Central Checkout
Hand Knitted Scarves and Cap by
Uneekcaps - Maria Moya
Music Box with
Detachable Flower Brooch
High Style Boutique- Cathie Godges

Marilyn Goo and Cathie Godges
Cindi Clark - CinSiri Glassworks
Lynn Meetz 

Kristin Petronek and Sharon Takahashi
Evan Hyde - Former Member and Friend with
Megan Mayes - Jig Organics
Handmade Organic Soap
Jig Organics - Cari & Megan Mayes

Customers Waiting in The Man Cave

Fused Glass Plate
CinSiri Glassworks- Cindi Clark
 Cindi Clark - CinSiri Glassworkds
Vegas Golden Knights Zip Pouches
Purses by Linda - Linda Clark

Stitch Divine - Teri Felts
Handmade Necklace-Lyn Meetz
We had to eat

Wood and Vinyl Signs
Pearlized Designs - Denita Whitehead

Handmade Card Set
Craty Girl - Beth Pollock
Hand Embroidered Card
Crafty Girl - Beth Pollock
Maria Moya
Fabric Bag - North Shore Collection
Gerry Hackney
Dana Russell Writing Up a Purchase

Our next show will be in November.


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